Monday, 27 May 2013

Great revision tips on YouTube

Hi all,  sorry this blog has been inactive for the past couple of weeks. Here's a link to Mr Bruff's fantastic playlist of English Language exam videos. Guy's, I know it's half term, but you need to get the revision. I'm working through my half term, so I don't see an excuse for you guys taking it easy...

Also, please please please work through the workbooks that I've gotten for you guys. They're useful and effective tools for revision so please use them.

Mr Bruff English Language exam playlist

Don't forget the Monday 3rd June after school walkthrough in the hall. I'll be taking a register to see how many of you are actually there-I expect all of you to be present.

All the best, see you all on Thursday 30th.


  1. Ms you see for set B exam paper, can you mark the first 2 questions for me please.

    1a) list 4 things the article tells you about Ralph the penguin.

    1. "Ralph, a 10-year-old Hambodt penguin".

    2. "Ralph loses all his feathers in the space of a few days".

    3. He has a wetsuit to protect his sensitive skin until his new feathers have grown through.

    4. "At the moment he is sitting on two eggs with his partner Coral".

    1b) What do you learn from the article about how Ralph's keepers have helped him?

    First of all they have helped him by providing a wetsuit to protect his sentitive skin, it says; "the sttchy meterial lets Ralph move around normally", "so it's always comfy for him". (for the last sentinse i didn't know which one to write! Should i write:
    1. I also learned that his partener, Carol, "seems happy enough with his new look for this year"
    2. It also says that; " The added benefits of the Velcro means that his new feathers grow through we weill be able to adjest its size".

    Thank you

  2. Hey Shams,
    You did really well with 1A-full 4 marks. But for the next one I would say 2 marks because you have to infer meaning from the sentences you've picked eg you can see that the keepers clearly care very much for the penguins. We see this when they say they put the penguins in stretchy suits "so it's always comfy for him" implies that the suit allows the penguin to move around freely and not feel restricted, thus proving that the keepers clearly care about the penguinswell being. ...
    Inference is the key to Q1b-Q4.
    Infer infer infer

    Ms Kerai

  3. Missssssss did you mark my paper qeustion 1 and 2 ?!?! I want to know what I got and whether it was okay

    1. Hi, sorry for the late response. I have given Q1 6 and Q2 5. You must make deeper inferences particularly with the presentational devices answer. The question also asks you to link the presentation with the actual writing so make sure you read the text and make the general inferences from there. All in all your answers are getting more precise and you are inferring well. A* will come from deeper and bolder connotations.