Sunday, 20 January 2013

Hitcher by Simon Armitage story suggestions

Have a look at the above link for analysis help on the poem.

Story suggestions...
  • Narrative from the driver's viewpoint
  • A what happens next follow on story
  • Police interview with the hitch hiker after he is caught
  • You could base you narrative on the events leading up to the killing incident
  • psychiatrist's point of view
  • You could turn the poem as it is into a short story
Remember, consider emotions and feelings, this guy is unhinged and/ or even psychotic-I would recommend you read American Psycho By Brett Easton Ellis or Post Office by Charles Bukowski for inspiration if you're still stuck.

Don't forget-vary your sentences. Short sentences, even one or two word sentences are very effective in portraying tension or suspense or showing the hitcher's unhinged thoughts.
Vary punctuation don't just go for the obvious exclamation point, try different things ()-:;"...etc.

Get planning and see where your plans and rough outlines take you. Good luck,
Ms Kerai

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