Sunday, 27 January 2013

Moving Image Controlled Assessment Year 10

Hello Year 10, for Friday's lesson (1/02/2013) you'll need to bring a few reviews of films and/ or TV adverts to the lesson, we will be looking at rhetoric in these pieces and how to develop language for arguing, reviewing and persuading.

TOP TIP: search for Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo Radio 5 Live. Kermode provides some really persuasive reviews of films he loves or loathes (his rants for Transformers, Sex And The City 2 and Eat Pray Love (Vomit) are some of the best and most persuasive reviews I've ever heard).

Eat Pray Love (Vomit)

Sex and the City

Transformers, DarK of the Moon

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Mr Draper's got a blog!

Check out Mr Draper's blog!

Tich creative writing suggestions...

Essentially, this poem is about someone remembering something from their childhood and not having the courage to stand up against an injustice that had happened in the past-they are regretful of their inability to intervene and stop the bullying.
For your creative writing assessment you must consider the following:
  • what themes from this poem can you take and use in your own short story?
  • who's perspective are you going to write in: Tich's, 'Tubby's', the other girls, or third person?
  • what poetic images from the poem are you going to develop?
  • how are you going to incorporate sensory imagery into your work?
Draft a plan and let your teacher have a look at it and then have a go at rough drafting your work and see what you think...

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Hitcher by Simon Armitage story suggestions

Have a look at the above link for analysis help on the poem.

Story suggestions...
  • Narrative from the driver's viewpoint
  • A what happens next follow on story
  • Police interview with the hitch hiker after he is caught
  • You could base you narrative on the events leading up to the killing incident
  • psychiatrist's point of view
  • You could turn the poem as it is into a short story
Remember, consider emotions and feelings, this guy is unhinged and/ or even psychotic-I would recommend you read American Psycho By Brett Easton Ellis or Post Office by Charles Bukowski for inspiration if you're still stuck.

Don't forget-vary your sentences. Short sentences, even one or two word sentences are very effective in portraying tension or suspense or showing the hitcher's unhinged thoughts.
Vary punctuation don't just go for the obvious exclamation point, try different things ()-:;"...etc.

Get planning and see where your plans and rough outlines take you. Good luck,
Ms Kerai

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Petition: David Cameron, rebuild Copland School by 2015

7KR will be working on a "Project For Awesome" campaign in 2013 to activate the pupil body into campaigning for a new school building by 2015. They are kick starting with an online petition: "David Cameron, The Government: Rebuild Copland Community School now for the sake of 1300 pupils' education." and need your help to get it off the ground.

Will you take 30 seconds to sign it right now? Here's the link:

Put the school's postcode in where it asks for address: HA9 7DU

Here's why 7KR think it is important:
By denying the pupils at Copland School a safe and engaging environment within which to learn, the Government is doing a disservice to 1300 pupils in Wembley who deserve a building that allows them to learn. The pupils are not to blame for issues regarding money or recession but they are being victimised because of the failure of others. We must make a stand and insist that action is taken and a new building is agreed and foundations laid by the end of this year.

Please, please, please sign, encourage everyone you know to sign and get everyone in your community to sign. Please tweet this petition if you have an account or Facebook or Tumblr if you use these social mediums.

Remember, all of us at Copland need this new building. If you don't demand what you need, you won't get. 
Aim to dream it, work to achieve it.