Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Speaking and Listening Year 10 Role Play!

‘Romeo and Juliet’  Drama Speaking and Listening

Script a Chat Show where the main characters discuss their points of view and emotions based on the events in the play up to and including Act 3 scene 5.

Characters include:
Chat Show Host – who will also give advice and ‘counselling’

Choice of Titles (Or make up your own)
Fathers and daughters   
The Problems with Forbidden Love


·        Have a specific angle which enables every character to talk a lot.
·        Each person must write their own questions and give them to the Host.
·        Answers don’t have to be fully scripted but you must know what you will say and it must be detailed and developed. A few lines will mean a weak grade.
·        Get in character – think about how your character will feel and respond.
·        The Host must give a chat show style introduction; ask the questions and develop discussion; and offer advice at the end before concluding.

The Audience

When others are performing, you will be the audience and will gain marks for asking questions.

Mark Scheme

B5: Create a complex role, making inventive use of a range of appropriate
      techniques to direct the response of the audience. Show sophisticated and
      original ideas through exploration of the character.
B4:  Analyse and explain difficult ideas. Resolve problems or outcomes
      through thoughtful  responses.
B3:  Analyse imagined experiences, develop significant points and respond
B2:  Develop and sustain a role effectively through speech, movement and

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