Thursday, 15 November 2012

Year 11 Homework due 19th November 2012

Please finish the exam paper from Monday 12th November and Thursday 15th November. It's really important thatyou complete this homework as it will aid your revision and confidence in the exam.

Also, don't forget to clue yourselves up on the Relationships poems from the anthology. Use the MR Bruff YouTube videos, they are really helpful (link below) and go inot real depth on each poem There is even a video on how to apporach both the non fiction exam and the poetry exam.

By popular demand, revision classes for poetry will be held on Thursdays and Fridays, depending on which day people can attend. Please do try and attend either class, it's only half an hour and is really useful. DO NOT FORGET TO ATTEND MR DRAPER'S MONDAY REVISION CLASS. Honestly, it is really useful. I will get back to you about Saturday classes ASAP.

Finally, double check your mock exam time table for information on when your English exams are and correct it in your planners.

Mr Bruff revision videos (MUST SEE)

AQA English Language

AQA English Literature

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