Wednesday, 28 November 2012

An Excellent resource from Ms Alawiye

Here's a really informative and useful resource from Ms Alawiye that you can use to prepare for your assessment.

General notes on Romeo & Juliet and The Laboratory
The Laboratory
·         Arrogance: ‘If it hurts her…’
·         Lack of conscience – ‘…I dance’
·         Money is the root of all evil – gold caskets/earring- precious jewels protecting the poison.
·         Special lexicon-mortar/gum/gold oozing/phial/lozenge/pastille
·         Persona/speaker/protagonist is marked & scared by her deceitful lover. The persona burns with shame she is egotistical, making reference to herself as ‘I’.
·         The metre is anapaestic – creating rather jaunty effect.
·         Gothic features
·         The use of enjambment makes it sound like a story reflecting her emotions.
Romeo & Juliet
Ø Emotions are oscillating
Ø Protagonists feed on each other’s passion and indifference
Ø There’s a cycle of ardour & indifference
Ø Quote – ‘snowy dove trooping with crows’. The lexis dove suggests that Juliet is both beautiful and a figure of peace whereas, ‘crows’ could represent the Capulet family or a contrast to other females.
Useful phrase/sentence starters:
This: suggests/illustrates/depicts/portrays/reflects/demonstrates/exhibits/indicates.
From studying the poem/play….
The poet/play wright/author uses…to show a sense of…
In conclusion


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